Hair Extensions – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Karen Marie Shelton


Demi Moore

Almost everyone will agree that having long hair is a lot of time and effort. Sometimes it seems like the time and effort involved is too much. The instant way to long hair is long haired wigs, long hair pieces or hair extensions.

Hair extensions have been popular off and on for several years. Many movie stars ranging from Madonna and Demi Moore to Cameron Diaz have used hair extensions for movie roles. It is a great way to create an instant long haired look.

With the recent introduction of clip-in extensions more women, celebrities and non-celebs alike, are wearing add-on tresses.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Many people are curious about what materials are used to create various hair extensions.  This is not an easy answer since hair extensions can be created from 100% real human hair, 100% synthetic hair or a mixture of human, synthetic and animal hair.

Hair extensions are available in just about any color, texture or length. Popular TV star Brandi often wears extensions as well.

How Hair Extensions Are Applied

Ashton Kutcher
and Demi Moore

The hair extension is placed on the parting of a small section of hair and the hair criss-crossed over the extension. The real hair and the hair extension are then tightly plaited or braided together and painted with a bonding solutions. A heated clamp melts the solution sealing the extension around the hair. This is known as “heat sealing”.

Hair extensions must be attached by a professional hairdresser or hair expert. It is very difficult and risky to attempt to add hair extensions on your own. Not only will the attachments be hard to handle, you may wind up with an uneven overall length or possibly damage your hair unnecessarily.

Life Expectancy Of The Extension

Most extensions, if applied properly, will last up to four months. After this the special glue-like bond attached to your natural hair will begin to loosen and fall off. Many people will only keep their hair extensions for a short period of time for a special event or occasion. How long extensions are kept is a personal decision.

Care Of Your Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are washed and treated the same way as you do your natural hair. Hair extensions do tend to wear out with normal wash and wear. As your hair grows, this will tend to affect the extensions. It is recommended that you used high quality gentle hair care products to encourage a long life for your extensions.

Removing The Extension

Removal of hair extensions can be done by the professional that applied them or can be carefully removed at home. You can remove hair extensions by twisting the tiny braided attachments and then gently snapping the seal.

Disadvantages Of Hair Extensions

It is a well known fact that hair extensions can do damage to your natural hair. The glue that is attached to your natural hair can burn and split the ends of your hair. This means that you will almost always be required to have the ends of your hair cut after the extensions are removed.

Also, if a lot of long or heavy extensions are added, this applies additional pressure to your scalp. One of the dangers of extra pressure to your scalp can be a thinning of your natural hair. In some cases there have been reports of headaches from the added weight of the hair or allergies to the bonding glue that is used. Everyone is different and will react to hair extensions in a different way. They are not necessarily good or bad. It depends on a number of factors that you have to consider.

If you are trying to grow your hair long, you might want to think seriously of the potential damage the hair extensions could do to your long hair quest. However, if you only would like a new look for a few months and are prepared to lose some inches along with the extensions, they can be a great solution.

The best advice is to find an expert at hair extensions and discuss all the pros and cons of the instant hair look.

Advantages Of Hair Extensions

Demi Moore

Hair extensions can be a lot of fun if you are aware of the risks and the procedures. If you get good advice and find a professional who is skilled at extensions here are some of the advantages you can enjoy:

1.  You have an instant new look that is fairly easy to care for once it is applied.

2.  You can change the look at any time and know that the long hair has a limited life cycle.

3.  You can have an intricate patterns of different colors or beads added to the extension without additional damage to your hair.

4.  You can try the look and feel of long hair before you decide to invest a lot of time and energy growing your own.


Hair extensions can provide the instant gratification of a gorgeous new long hair look. It can also be costly and time-consuming to have applied.

There are both pros and cons for hair extensions. As long as you do the research and are willing to assume the risks hair extensions can be a new adventure for your hair.

Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Tips & Tricks

To avoid the stress of running to the salon often this period, the best hairstyle to adorn is braids. Now, there are a thousand and one braid styles to choose from: a million braids, basket weave, Ghana braids, traditional ‘shuku’, the Bob Marley braids etc. Whatever braids you choose, make sure it is one that suits the shape of your face.

Braids are never out of fashion. They are easier to manage and when wet, you can always dry them naturally without a hand-dryer.
To clean your braids, dab cotton wool with mentholated spirit and clean the scalp with it.  This will not only ensure that your braids do not itch you, but will also prevent it from emitting fowl smell – a result of dampness from sweat and rain.

While you can choose to wear your braids for as long as you wish, frequency of hair wash should also be increased. It is advisable to wash and re-style your hair at least every two weeks.
Weave-on is not the best for the rains. It will be wise to take a break from wearing weave-ons as the rains can damage them. The rains can stretch a curly weave-on and remove its original lustre and shine, making it useless, even after the rains.

It is not a good period to wear your natural hair for too long either but if you must, ensure that your shower cap comes handy whenever it pours, so your hair doesn’t go limp.
Never brush your hair when it is wet, as this leads to hair breakage. Use a wide toothed comb to dis-entangle your hair after shampooing.

Finally, whatever hairstyle you choose to wear this season, keep your hairstyles simple and easy. Elaborate hairstyles are more difficult to manage while limp, damp hair does not look good with them. And make your shower cap your best beauty item for as long as the season lasts.

  • When going for a particular braid style, before actually braiding your hair try performing it with just hands. Read all the instructions before hand and imagine that braid style first before actually doing it
  • When doing a braid it is not good to look in to the mirror often. It will confuse you. So just concentrate on braiding the hair and you can easily do it by intuition.
  • If you could not get the braid correctly, there is always second time and you can get it by practice.
  • Damp hair is easily manageable. So do your braid hairstyle when the hair is little wet.
  • Rubber bands should not be used to hold the braids. It will cause hair damage. Use proper hair accessories like bands, clips and barrettes to hold the braid.

Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Long Hair

A long hairstyle calls for a lot of care and maintenance. The beginning of a great hair regimen is always the shampoo. Find a shampoo that best addresses you hair condition. Get a good quality shampoo and although you may pay more, it will be worth it. Also, remember to condition your hair at least one week. Massage your scalp and let the product seep in. If necessary, apply other treatments that will help make your hair healthier.

Also, your hair is affected by your lifestyle. If possible, drink vitamins and other supplements. This will ensure that you always have a great head of long, shiny hair.

Shag Haircuts Secrets

You can add details to your shag hairstyle according to your personal taste and preferences. Shag styles can be easily modified to suit individual requirements. As shags are quick to style and easy to maintain it is very popular among the teens. With shags, it is easy to get that personalized, unique and individual look. You can add variety to shags easily.

  • You can add highlights to your shag style.
  • You can sport vibrantly colored streaks.
  • You can use attention grabbing hair accessories with your shag hairstyle.

Interesting Facts About the Different Kinds of 1950’s Hairstyles

The 1950’s Hairstyles are even more natural, stylish, romantic and feminine compare to the prior eras. The ponytail hairstyle of the 1950’s had gained prominence to women because of its manageability and simplicity to wear with style. Also, the French plait went in vogue during the time just like the pony hairstyle.

Popular Poodle Haircut (fifties hairstyles)
In the latter period of the 1950’s era, the hairstyles have become more elaborated and detailed when it comes to styles. The poodle cut had gained its prominence during the time. This cut helps framed the face shape of the wearer with some touch of feminine look. Poodle cut had become so popular during that time that women would splurge to the beauty salons just to get their hair done with this style.

Women with Short Curled 1950s Hairstyles
Some women loved wearing 1950’s hairstyles with short hair because they love flaunting it as well. There are some 1950’s hairstyles with short hair that are just let loose below the ears of the wearer. The loose tresses of the short hair are curled up either on the right side or left side. To give more style on the look, bangs are created to help frame the face shape. The bangs are usually curled up as well.

50’s Popular Bouffant Haistyle
Bouffant is another popular style of the 1950’s hairstyles. It is a style where women have relied much on the hair spray products for a more precise look. This style is often worn by youngsters during that time with layered and short cuts. It may also be styled with waves flowing down from the area of the crown.