Truth About Formaldehyde in Keratin Hair Treatment By Raji Rai

Although Brazilian hair straightening is gaining popularity many prefer to stay away from it due to the presence of formaldehyde in the product. It is a fact that formaldehyde is harmful for the human body. Knowing this fact, I’m sure no stylist or brands will market such unsafe products. Due to internet, information is freely available to everyone hence there is nothing to hide about the pros and cons of any consumer product. This is applicable to even the Brazilian hair straightening technique.

Keeping the interests of consumers in mind some reputed cosmetic brands have come out with formaldehyde free keratin hair treatments. This hair treatment absolutely does not contain formaldehyde and results in soft, silky hair. It is a myth that Formaldehyde levels should never reach greater than .02% in any product. Actually Products that are applied directly on the skin must have lower levels of Formaldehyde because of the absorption factor. Our skin absorbs creams and make-up including the toxins in them. Higher concentrations of Formaldehyde would be dangerous in makeup and certain skin creams. But for Hair Treatments, the product is applied such that it does not touch the scalp and also it does not remain for extended period of time on the hair. It is always applied to the hair and sealed with the flat iron. Even formaldehyde content up to 2% is considered as safe. Of course, prolonged and consistent exposure to formaldehyde might cause some side-effects.

Most of the salons which offer Keratin Hair treatment take the necessary precautionary measures. It will be better if the clients are also aware of the dos and don’ts before getting the treatment. Keratin hair treatment is not advisable for Pregnant and nursing women. It is necessary to wear mask during the treatment and also the place where the treatment is done should be well ventilated.

Many fear that the steam that rises during the blow dry and flat ironing phase in the keratin hair treatment is harmful. This is again not entirely true. The sediment that may be contained in this airborne steam might be disturbing for some since formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen. But this can be easily avoided by wearing a mask during the Flat iron process and perform this process in a ventilated area. Even a handy fan can be given to the customer to keep the fume away. Compared to other straightening methods in Brazilian hair straightening there is no strong smell emanated during the process since there are no chemicals involved. You can hardly feel that you are undergoing a hair treatment when this product is applied to your hair.

As a consumer you have all the rights to research before deciding on any treatment. But blindly do not believe whatever you read. Keep some important pointers in mind like always go for salons and brands which have many years of experience behind them and good customer feedback. Consult your hair stylist and clear all your apprehensions before taking the plunge because it is not easy to restore what is once damaged.

Here are some amazing formaldehyde free hair treatments from Global Keratin. They provide wonderful results which will make you hair soft and shiny naturally as it is based on the natural protein Keratin.

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