Our Exquisite range of Wigs for Necessity Wearers available in India

Wig-O-Mania of London is privileged to bring its special expertise, Hair Wigs & Extensions into India.

We are continuously striving to be the Hair Company that manufactures high end and high quality products that are more accessible and affordable to members of the general public, whether they need to wear the beautiful hairpieces out of necessity or as an attractive accessory.

In the West, very few individuals can discern the wearing of a Hair Piece, Wig or Extension – the practice and culture is picking up rapidly in the East too.  Our efforts are therefore to make them as easily available and affordable like it is worldwide.

Wig-O-Mania being manufacturers and distributors of our own Brand of Wigs and Hair Pieces have over the years specialized in making Wigs for ladies who need them for their sheer necessity – either due to the effects of Alopecia or the after effects of treatments such as chemotherapy.

We are well aware of the trauma they undergo – other than the physical sickness.

Hair is considered the ‘Crowning Glory’ for every woman and a sudden loss of it may affect one psychologically too.

The same can be said for teenagers and children specially when they have to return back to their peers.  Wearing a wig for them may be the best way to help them retain their self esteem during this trying time in their life

While in the West, it is normal to walk down to the nearest store or salon and buy one as easily as one purchases clothes, but it is not quite as easy or practical to do so in the East.

One therefore has to either shy away from the public or resort to the individual wig makers who typically make one to order – that not only takes a lot of time but the quality and comfort that one gets eventually is seldom close to perfection. This leaves one unsatisfied and more remorseful for having spent money and not got value for it.

Wig-O-Mania has intensely studied the Asian Sub-Continent market and has recently introduced a handful of latest styles of Wigs for the Necessity Wearers. These not only suit the general style of their original hair and colour, but also the natural look and feel of the quality of the ‘Just like human hair’ fibre. Thus making the same affordable and practical to use by the widest array of women in the region.

Pictures of these styles are:

"Brooke" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Brooke” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Natasha" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Natasha” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Venus" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Venus” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Sonya" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Sonya” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Posh" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Posh” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Jennifer" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Jennifer” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Helene" - Mono at Top - High Heat Fibre Wig“Helene” – Mono at Top – High Heat Fibre Wig

"Finesse" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Finesse” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Diva" Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig“Diva” Lace Front High Heat Fibre Wig

"Millie" - Synthetic Mono Wigs for Children“Millie” – Synthetic Mono Wigs for Children

"Sapphire" - Synthetic Mono Wigs for Children“Sapphire” – Synthetic Mono Wigs for Children


Sandy Human Hair Lace Front WigSandy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Managing long hair……..

Despite the ever-evolving trends for short and sculptural styles, one cannot deny the loveliness of a full head of gorgeous luscious locks.

But with long hair comes added responsibility – and long hair means extra work.

Here’s how to get yours looking worthy of a red carpet moment…….


“Wash out hair masks are great for healthy hair, but regular applications of leave-in treatments are vital,” says Rebecca Brent of L’Oreal and Willis York salon.

Hot sun, wind, air conditioning and heated tools all dry out our hair, so it’s important to moisturise it just like we do our skin. Pump hydration back in with regular applications of leave-in treatments.


Combing your hair when dry creates static, and can tug and break the hair. Instead, detangle in the shower with a slathering of conditioner and a wide toothed comb.


Over-washing strips the natural protective oils from your hair and can lead to dryness and frizz. Only wash your hair every few days, and use dry shampoo in between washes.


It’s hard to cut your hair when you’re trying to grow it, but regular trims will remove split ends and keep your hair looking fresh.


When thinking about hair care we often overlook the scalp, even though it’s the factory that proudces our healthy hair. A healthy scalp means healthy hair, and if you’re scalp is unhappy it’ll show. Regular head massages (you can do it yourself or ask your hairdresser) promote blood flow and circulation. Give your head a bit of loving care with some of these soothing and rejuvenating products.


Protect your hair from burns and drying with heat protectant products.


Give your locks a winning finishing touch with products that will enhance their shine.

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Exquisite Synthetic and High Heat Fibre Wigs introduced in India by Wig-O-Mania – Catalogue

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