Why Wigs……

In earlier times wigs were merely used to hide a balding head or to go with a fancy dress costume for themed parties like Halloween etc. In recent years the stigma of wearing wigs has disappeared and they have become the in thing and very popular for many reasons.
For instance people who have cancer and are undergoing treatment can suffer hair loss.  Ladies suffering with hormone deficiency can suffer from thinning hair especially after having a baby.  Ladies with imbalanced hormones can suffer from hair loss or thinning hair.  Another problem that can cause hair loss is Alopecia, where patches of hair can be lost.  The hair may regrow, but if it does it usually grows back in a different colour and texture from the natural hair.   Alopecia Totalis is where the person loses all of their hair.  The true reason for such hair loss is not fully known, although it is believed various factors can contribute to such a dramatic and devastating hair loss, one being stress.
Today it is quite normal and classed as, “The in thing to do,” for ladies to wear wigs for fashion, for a colour change or to change their style without the trauma or cost of having their own hair coloured or cut.  Other ladies and particularly celebrities who have got use to having a beautifully coiffed hairdo all the time, find it easier and more convenient to wear a wig to maintain their good looks constantly.

It is now reported that a large array of wigs and hairpieces are in very hot demand on markets all over the world.  When very famous people appear each day with awesome refreshing hairdos by wearing wigs and hairpieces it is like a red light for thousands of ordinary people to do the same and now that is possible.

Later I will illustrate a number of major tips pertaining to alternative types of wigs and hairpieces. You may have found yourself staring at countless human hair wigs or synthetic wigs yet still find it hard to make the correct choice for you.. Below are a few main pointers to help you make the decision to which wig will be the correct and best option for you.

First, ask yourself which style of wig you would certainly be happy to wear.  Normally wigs can be categorized into two main types:  Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Obviously there are different items suitable for ladies and items suitable for men.  The fact is that the quantity of wigs and hairpieces sold for girls and ladies is clearly much larger than that of hairpieces for males sold on the international market.

The advantages or disadvantages between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are very distinct. Human hair wigs look and feel much more natural although they can be heavier to wear unless hand knotted.  They can easily be styled like a natural head of hair using curling tongs, straighteners or hair dryers and they will normally last much longer than synthetic wigs, however they are a lot more expensive to buy.

In contrast synthetic wigs can not normally be restyled using any kind of heat as it will melt the fibre.  Some can look very unnatural unless you buy a good one.  They are much lighter to wear than Human Hair and they are much easier to care for and are much less costly.  It all virtually depends on your purse limits and the amount of time and energy you wish to spend in caring for your wig.

My point of view is that if you are buying your wig or hairpieces purely to create a new trendy look, purchase a number of synthetic wigs in various colours and designs. This way you can have more choices to recreate your own style on different days for various situations and it is unusually budget friendly.  It is very likely that if you only purchase one, you will soon become board with it and want more.