How To Safely Remove Fusion Hair Extensions and Severly Tangled Hair

Countless numbers of women are secretly suffering from improper removal of Fusion hair extensions, braids, severly tangled or matted hair, sew-in weaves, and dreadlocks. Hair Extensions should enhance your beauty -not dminish your beauty by damaging and breaking your hair.

Step 1: How to Remove Fusion Hair Extensions

The Take Down Fusion Removal Process

(1) Apply Take Down® Remover Cream on Fusion bonds, and massage into bonds.

(2) Place Fusion Hair Iron on extension strand to heat bond.
And slowly slide extension of hair

(3) Place a small amount of Take Down® Remover on the hair again and comb through hair well. Make sure hair is completely free of any residue from Fusion bond.

(4)Shampoo and Condition hair with Take Down® Deep Conditioning Shampoo and Body Plus Moisture Conditioner

Most people or stylists don’t have the time or patience to remove fusion, weaves or hair extensions the right way. And the average consumer goes to the salon to undo or “take down” a style-and if the stylist does not have proper understanding of how to remove any of these styles, they just pull and tug, which ultimately damages their client’s hair. But now there is a solution”URL”:

How to Remove Fusion Hair Extensions

Step 2: How to Detangle Your Severly Tangled & Matted Hair!
Front view of matted hair. Her whole head has tangled into a ball at the back of her head.
Rear view of matted and tangled hair. It looks like a birds nest.
3 bottles of the Take Down removal cream are deeply massaged into the matted hair for 15mins
We begin to softly separate the matted knot with a rat tail comb.The ball of tangled hair has been separated.
We begin to detangle and comb through all the remaining knots and matted hair sections.
Hair is completely detangled and moisturized with Take Down Moisture restoring Hair lotion, after being combed through.Detangled hair is separated and put into big braids before being shampooed with Take Down Deep Conditioning Shampoo.

How  to Detangle Your Severly Tangled & Matted Hair