How To Choose The Best Hair Style For A Long Face

A Stylist explains which hairstyles and haircuts are best for making long faces look more oval and attractive.

Hello my name is Brett McDonald and I’m one of the teachers and educators here at Saco schools and academies in London. Today what I’m going to share with you is some of our ideas and our secrets on ways of styling hair.

How to choose the best hairstyle for a long face.

When choosing styles for a long facets important not to encourage the face to become even more elongated than it is already. To do this, what we work on is building shape through the sides of our styles. For example, working with something that’s slightly fuller and has some texture through the sides will encourage width in the hair cut and give the model or yourself the feeling of a little bit more width to the sides of the shape.

Another really great way is to perhaps lift the length a little bit. By bringing the length of the hair up, it encourages the chin to be reduced slightly and brings the feeling of width back into the sides of the shape, therefore encouraging more of your oval shape, our ideal shape that we spoke of. Another point when working on long faces is to break up the length of the face with a fringe or some shape through the top of the style.

So by the introduction of something that cuts across the forehead or the use of a slightly heavier sweeping fringe. What it will enable is a little bit more broadness in the top of the shape and again the idea of the eye coming up as the chin gets reduced in the front length. So bringing the front down and therefore enabling the chin to become better in balance with the overall face shape and length of the style.

And the last point, is encouraging the hair to have movement. When hair sits very flat and sleek to the sides of the head this will again encourage the feeling of slim or narrowness to the chin and the feeling of again, the face becoming longer. So by using texture, wave or natural movement we can again encourage with and a little fullness into the sides of our style and that’s how to choose the best hairstyle for a long face. .