Nine taboos you should know about hair styles

1.Before stepping into salon and requiring the hairstyle maker to change your hair style,you should do some preparation.

Many people would think hairdresser can do magic and read plan even quickly know what hairstyle suits you best.In fact there will be a lot of factors need to take into consideration. And the consideration should depend on the homework you collected for your hope hairstyle choices.Face, lifestyle and budget eventually will affect the
hairstyle choices.

2.Don’t choose the style which you can’t tidy at home.

Many stars have professional stylist around them and ensure their perfect hair style. But ordinary people can only rely on their own.

3.Don’t save maintenance and modelling for hair.

Some drugstore sells some hair products for special hair or hairstyle.However, if you choose dye, especially after the chemically treated (e.g.marcel), or request hair amount or smooth hair, then cheap hair product may not achieve your request or will cause damage to your hair.Carefully measure your choice.You may also buy high-grade products or the general equilibrium of products, and the best results.To be honest, don’t underestimate the bad influence of the hair after a hair is required.

4.Don’t use error modelling tools.

There are many modeling tools that can help you create charming style.These tools including hair dryer, electricity volumes, hair straighteners,electric curl and round
to comb, etc.Make sure you choose the right tool while you want to when model your hair style.

5.Don’t use excessive modelling product.

When it comes to the modelling product, less is good.If you overuse hairspray, mousse or modelling spray then will have excessive stack these things in the hair and the risk of harm.

6.Don’t utter imitate celebrities’ hairstyle.

Remember star like demi Moore or Jessica Simpson, etc can follow one’s inclinations changes hairstyle, because they always have modelling division side to help them
make the best condition of one of the worst hidden side.

In demi or Jessica is very good-looking upon you, unless you are not so long as they are exactly the same as that of the hair, hair amount, hair color and picture like makeup.Set realistic expectations then you won’t disappointed.

7.Don’t underestimate the power of fashion.

You may not need to cut the most fashionable style or make the most fashionable style.However, if your hair is always unchanged since years, so whatever cloths you wear, you will still look “old”.Like the movies from a few years ago. Add a little fashion element, can also have new hairstyle.

8.Don’t be a slaves of popular style.

Popular style and fashion are changing constantly.You should find a most suitable hairstyle suits you best, and find out the basic style suitable for you, not as a slaves of popular style. If you want to update your hairstyle, choosing the novel seems to pick dye, or play, hierarchy.If Bob head hairstyle suits you, then take it as your basic style. And then cooperate with your hairdresser to maintain the heads Bob”modernization” .

9.Don’t underestimate the hair decoration’s status in hair style.

Many people mistakenly think hair is only suitable for young people or certain hairstyle.It is completely wrong.Any hair decorations all suitable for any age, hair or
hairstyle.You can use the beautiful hair decorations to constantly change your hairstyle without frequently going to the salon.

Nothing much,just want to share fashion things with people all over the world!