The colors displayed will vary depending on your computer monitor type and settings. Online color charts and color descriptions are meant to be used as a reference only. The color chart is not a color guarantee. Individuals who use hair extensions regularly have a good idea of what to expect with colors. If you are new with hair extensions, you should consider purchasing a hair color ring. This will help you get the closest color match. Color rings are available in synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair is usually darker than the same color in human hair. Make sure you purchase the color ring in the type of hair you intend to purchase.

Industry base colors are #1, #1B, #2, #4. Industry highlight colors include #27, #30 and #33. Trendy reds and copper colors are being used as highlight colors to create exciting new color blends. These include: #BURG, #130, #350, #99J. Blonde color blends are also available in many styles.

Frosted Colors (F and FS) – This is one of the most popular color mixes. Frost colors have sprinkles of colors throughout the piece. Frosted highlight colors spice up the color without changing the overall color of the hair. Adding even small amounts of highlight color will liven up the color without changing the overall color of the piece.

Piano and Streaked Colors (C, S, P and TH – also called side by side) – These are basically streaked colors and differ mainly in the thickness of the streak. C and S colors have medium thin streaks of color. P colors have thicker more prominent streaks of color. These colors provide highlights without altering the overall color of the hair. The base color remains prominent. .

Full Mixed Colors (M) – This color mix has equal amounts of the base and highlight color. “M” colors are usually found with wig items. A full color blend will make the overall color of the piece lighter. For example, color number M1B/30 would be equal amounts of off black and medium auburn equally blended. The color of the hair will be light in overall appearance. Hardly any off black tones will be seen. The highlight color will fade out the darker base color. The color will be more toward medium dark auburn than off black. Full mix colors where the highlight color is a much lighter color will give a light color tone.

Tipped Colors ( TP, ST and E) – These are mixed color blends with solid color on the ends. The mixed color would be the same as a full mix that gradually fades into a solid highlight color at the ends The overall color of a tipped colored hairpiece is considerably lighter than frosted colors. Expects lots of the highlight color with this blend.

TT Colors (also called Top and Bottom) – This is a definite contrast color with the prominent solid base color at the roots gradually fading into the solid highlight color to the ends. This blend give the appearance of a hair color that has grown out.

Triple Colors Blend (TPS, TC) – This is new three color blend which consists of three colors in horizontal or vertical layers of colors. This color is also called Mosaic

TL Triple Colors (TL, MO) – This is another new three color blend which consists of three horizontal layers of color with the lightest color in the middle. Each color fades into the next color creating an exciting new color blend.

Gray Blends – Gray blends come in off black with a percentage of gray mixed in. Gray blend mixes come in a very limited selection of styles