All About Hair Extensions…from Bellasugar

Wearing hair extensions is a Hollywood hair trend that is becoming more and more mainstream. Hair extensions are human or synthetic hairs that can be bonded, braided, sewn or weaved into your hair to give it length and fullness. They can be cut, colored, washed and cared for just like your own hair. Depending on the quality, they should last up to six months. Virgin human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, so expect to spend hundreds of dollars — if not more — if you want top-of the line extensions.

Extensions don’t hurt, but they can cause damage to your hair if they aren’t carefully removed. We’ve all heard the scary stories about hair being chopped at the root because extensions wouldn’t come out. That’s why when I first read about the damage-free hair extension remover tool from Sheila Stotts I became intrigued.

I assumed that when extensions are taken out they have to be cut, but actually, the most common types are bonded on by glue. Sheila’s product helps to dissolve the bond without breaking the hair shaft. I called her salon to find out more about the product and learned that she has “extended” some of the hottest young heads in Hollywood.

So stay tuned this week for more juicy details on hair extensions including a celebrity quiz, the scoop on the extensions worn by one of your favorite new young Hollywood moms, products to help you care for extensions, and an amazing new drugstore brand of affordable clip-ons that are made from real hair.