Wigs and Hair Pieces for Necessary Wearers – those suffering from the after effects of Chemo Treatment and Alopecia


Focus: Necessity Wearers – Temporary Hair Loss for Asian Ladies

With the evolvement of technology, ladies in the West (UK, EU, USA) now have hair-wear options they never dreamed possible. Whether it is for a personal use, a social occasion, catwalk show or even a magazine shoot – there are such versatile and durable styles of Wigs being manufactured that aims at creating a variety of stunning looks with that added sophistication.

Wigs were once so obvious that they would be noticed a mile away and hence people were embarrassed. Today with the latest technique and near human hair type look and feel of the fibre used, a person could be stood right next to you and could even be touching your hair and they would not know. The stigma has disappeared in the West – UK, Europe, USA about wearing a wig.

While in the West the necessasity wearers are no longer deprived of their self esteem by exposing their scanty or falling hair as they can easily resort to wearing a Wig, in the Indian Sub Continent, the stigma is still very much on.

It is therefore the sincere intention of the writer to try to remove these barriers and myth about Wigs and Hair pieces.

There is the most urgent and alarmingly neglected segment in this society of Necessity Wearers whose psycological effect and feelings due to the loss of hair – (be it suddenly due to being told that they have cancer and hence will undergo Chemo and thereby are told that they would lose their hair in the next week or so ……or those who suffer from a Hair Falling problem that is commonly called Alopecia) is totally supressed and overlooked.

People with Cancer are more traumatized by the loss of their hair than being told they have cancer. One of the first questions anyone asks the doctor when they are told about having to undergo Chemo therapy is “will I lose my hair?” The answer in most cases is ‘Yes’ unfortunately.

These people include but not limited to those girls and ladies within the age bracket of 15 to 60 who suffer from Hair Loss.

In UK and Europe, these ladies will seek out a wig before they loose their hair so when the dreaded day comes they can begin wearing their wig and this avoids them having to go through the embarrassment of being seen without their hair. In India such a facility has not been available until now.

Needless to say that Hair on the head is considered a lady’s ‘crown & glory’ and hence for whatever reason if they begin to lose it, the psychological effect it has on her self-esteem and confidence is beyond words. The most common cause of Hair Loss is Alopecia and temporary loss of hair due to Cancer treatment – Chemo Therapy.

it is therefore important that they are made aware that with all other things that have evolved, this product too has now evolved to make it look as natural as one’s own natural hair. One can easily obtain a Wig that suits one’s style and colour of hair and these Wigs are made in Natural looking Synthetic Fibre from Japan or from a more versatile fibre called High Heat Fibre which allows one to curl and tong their Hair Piece or are also made from 100% Human Hair.

Moreover these products are now made in Bulk and hence are affordable to the average earning family.

Wig is almost like cosmetic surgery for your hair without the pain or the cost.

Profile of Fibre/ Hair Used in Wigs and Hair Pieces:

Synthetic wigs and hairpieces are made with a highly superior Japanese Kanekalon fibre that not only looks like natural European hair but also feels like natural European hair. They come in beautiful colours that never fade. This is a very versatile fibre that retains its shape after washing – as long as one follows the After-Care Instructions that come with the product. Also the fine texture of the fibre makes it a desirable choice for simulating the texture of human hair.

High-Heat Fibre have better features that make the fibre feel “just like human hair” with certain inbuilt characteristics such as being able to use high heat up to 180 degrees. Hence one can curl or tong them and then straighten them again. One can therefore use heated rollers, curling/straightening irons and hair dryers on these products. These fibres pass tests by experts in the UK. The Fibre is Monocrylic Flame Retardant and Non Flammable.

Human Hair Wigs: These are considered the High End Hair Pieces due to the Remy Human Hair being used. These are more often used by ladies who have a long-term purpose of using a wig. It could well be for fashion or a permanent hair problem too.

Wig-O-ManiaAbout the Author:
Mr. Hasnain is the CEO of Wig-O-Mania which is a Top UK Brand and Company. 

He is based out of UK, Dubai and travels regularly to Mumbai.

He can be reached via email on ceo@wigomania.com

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