Difference in Human Hair – Just like Human Hair Fibre – Synthetic Fibre Hair Pieces

Want to buy a wig but can’t decide between synthetic, real-hair and ‘Just like Human Hair’ wigs?

The following list of advantages and disadvantages provides you with the necessary overview:

Human hair wigs

  • The hair can be coloured.
  • The hair can be straightened or curled.
  • The wigs look very natural.
  • Real-hair wigs can also be cut according to customer desire.
  • The wigs last longer.
  • The hair can take any shampoo.
  • Caring for the hair is more time consuming.
  • Real hair has its price.


Synthetic wigs

  • “Ready to go” – synthetic-hair wigs come ready styled.
  • The wigs retain their original look even after washing.
  • Value for money
  • Low maintenance
  • Large choice of models
  • The hair cannot take any heat.
  • You have to decide between straight or curly hair and the hairstyle cannot then be changed.
  • The wigs do not last as long as human-hair wigs (around a year)
  • Can only be washed with a special shampoo.


High Heat Fibre – ‘Just like Human Hair’

  • Hard-wearing Fibre
  • Natural looking Fibre as human hair
  • Due to its resistance to heat, the Fibre can be blow-dryed. It can be styled and shape to almost every individual wish
  • This Fibre is available in grey tones
  • When styling using heat appliance, the new style remains intact until once again restyled with heat
  • Not possible to colour
  • Not possible to perm