Kinds of Hair..

Remi Hair
This is natural human hair that is shaved completely from the donor?s head, and hence is a complete set of hair, cuticles et all. ?Remi? means all the cuticles are on one side.

It may have further varieties in the form of Single Drawn, which is hair of all sizes resulting in a pony-tail like finish, and Double Drawn, or all the hair of equal length. The latter of course is the preferred one by most clients, and is the more expensive of the two. Remi hair has further classifications in quality, and is usually available as Quality A, B and C, depending upon the length and the weave, with the former being the most superior.

Most Remi hair comes from the Indian subcontinent, where it is shaved off for religious reasons and sold by professional barbers. The other major source of human hair is China, and to a very small extent Southern Russia, where hair may sometimes be sold for profit.

Non-Remi Hair

This is the hair set that consists of fallen human hair, and is naturally of lesser uniformity and quality than remi. Due to the roots and tips being all mixed up, they are more difficult to maintain, and naturally cheaper. Yet the cost factor perhaps makes them the most popular. Again available in different types like Single Drawn and Double Drawn, similar quality variants like the Remi hair are available.

Synthetic Hair

The next in line, cheapest, and available in the greatest variety is synthetic hair. Made of artificial fibers, they are available in weave sets or as single strands. Most dermatologists do not recommend synthetic hair, however, for the inherent problems of reactions with the skin with less than desirable consequences. As you would expect, these hair are much cheaper than natural Remi or Non-Remi hair.

European v/s Indian Hair
There are no commercially available, authentic European hair. Period. What you get is Indian hair treated to make them more thick and soft. Indian hair, by their very nature, are more silky, thin and strong. While it is a common misconception that soft and silky hair are better, the fact of the matter is that any kind of hair can be made that way with a little specialized treatment.

Yak Hair
Other than human hair, the hair of Yak is sometimes used where thick and wavy hair is the need of the hour, like for African hair. The hair, however, suffer from the inherent disadvantage of possibly causing infection and is best avoided.
Make an informed decision. Its your hair and your money ? and it is definitely going to affect your personality. Go for something that is the right mix between making you feel adequately confident and fits into your pocket as well. The author is an expert in giving all kinds of hair loss remedy. He also treats acute problems like hirsutism and alopecia.