Naturally Curly Fine Hair: Frizz-Free

fine-haired curlies have their own set of special needs.  Hopefully this post will help you enhance your curl without weighing it down, and keep frizz to a minimum.

What increases the Frizz-Factor?

  • Lack of moisture and protein in the hair, or damaged hair.  This can be due to coloring, processing, overuse of heat appliances.
  • Humidity.  That dang moisture content in the air upsets the balance of moisture within the hair, thus causing chaos.

Best Practices to keep fine hair frizz-free:

  • Brushing.  If you can avoid it, only comb through your wet-conditioned hair.  Style your hair with your fingers.
  • Drying.  Air-drying is the best choice, followed by loose scrunching with the use of a microfiber towel (Curl Cloths and Cyclic Towels are my favorite).
  • Use duckbill clips on the crown of your head to lift top curls where needed.
  • Although I have yet to try it, many sites recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce the amount of breakage to the hair and reduce tangles.
  • Keep it light.  Finding the right balance between conditioning and hold, mousses and gels tend to work best.
  • Using a low-suds shampoo and/or co-poo (wash hair using conditioners). Deep condition once a week.
  • Once your curls are dry, rub a little pomade into the palm of your hands and smooth over your hair.

During the day, freshen up limp, droopy curls with some additional moisture by spritzing on Jessicurl’s Awe Inspiraling Spray.  I also *LOVE* Ojon’s Shine & Protect Glossing Mist, as a great way to add instant shine, eliminate fly-aways (aka “chicken feathers”) and combat humidity.

A Curly Cool Tip:  Store your hair sprays in the fridge!  A cool spritzing over a hot head is sure to lift your hair and your spirits!