e-Newsletter of Wig-O-Mania

Wig-O-Mania Brand of Hair Products is among the 18 Brands being promoted by UK Trade & Investment into the Indian Sub-continent.

Wigs and hairpieces have become a status symbol. The very fact that all the celebrities endorse using wigs, hairpieces or extensions gives these products celebrity status, hence today every young lady wants them.

It is therefore expanding its shores across this region and Middle East. Its exclusive tie-up includes one with Citruss TV to offer its selective range across 14 Middle East countries and now it is about to do the same with a MNC in India too.

We pride ourselves as Manufacturers and Promoters’ of our own Brand of Hair Pieces without the need of a chain of distributors and middlemen.

Be it necessity wearers or High Fashion individuals – we are able to supply on demand, as and when required.

The latest high end Remy Hair product we have introduced to the market is called Skin Wefts. These are the best alternative todate in terms of semi-permanent extensions that not only eliminates the grueling hours sitting at the hairdressers but also adds value to money spent without the inconvenience as it remains close to your skin.

The reason it is called Skin Weft is because it remains in your hair like as if it is your own skin –  flat and smooth – and hence no more do you feel uncomfortable with the strands and other older types of Hair Extensions.

Another major advantage is that this type of extensions are applied within minutes – so a full head can be completed by your Hair Stylist within maximum 15 minutes. Therefore gone are the days you have to spend 2-3 hours at the salon and pay lots of money for application of your Hair Extensions with the usual extensions.

Our extensions come in 12-13 different colours from the natural black to the blonde.

Hence we would always recommend that as much as you can avoid, one should avoid using strong colouring to it. It is better to buy from the huge range of colours we already offer from 1B i.e Natural Black to 613 i.e. Super Blonde or even colour 60 that is plane blonde.

The extensions come in various sizes from 18” to 24”.

Hence we cater to the need and requirement of every lady that wants to apply such an extension for giving their hair a great volume and length.

These extensions easily last for up to 6 weeks after which your own natural hair would grow and lower the extension. The great news about these extensions is that the hair quality is so fabulous that they can be used over and over again if they are looked after well and the care instructions that come with it are followed to the T. When hair grows,  all you do is return back to your salon and they will remove it with a Removing liquid that we also provide to them and then reapply the extensions with a new set of accessories/tapes that we specially import from the US. Again it is a 15-minute job for you to regain your hair and the volume/length and your beauty.