Wig-O-Mania’s Products Profile:

Wig-O-Mania’s Synthetic wigs and hairpieces are made with a highly superior Japanese Kanekalon fibre that not only looks like natural European hair but also feels like natural European hair. They come in beautiful colours that never fade. This is a very versatile fibre that retains its shape after washing – as long as one follows the After-Care Instructions that come with the product. Also the fine texture of the fibre makes it a desirable choice for simulating the texture of human hair.

However the use of heated rollers, curling/straightening irons and hair dryers on these wigs is certainly not recommended as they can be permanently damaged.


Wig-O-Mania’s PONY TAILS are the superb answer to instant convenience hair.  This is the ideal answer to holiday hair.  You can be on the beach, in the swimming pool and not have to worry about your hair for the evening.  Even if it is covered in sun cream, you can do a quick shampoo whilst in the shower. Give it a quick dry and then tie it back in a ponytail and put on your hairpiece for instant glam.

The same can be said if you are at work and want to go out in the evening and haven’t got time to visit the hairdressers.  Work all day come home and pop on your Pony Tail quicker than having to do your own hair.


Some of our Wigs and Hair Pieces are in High-Heat Fibre that has better features that make the fibre feel “just like human hair” with certain in built characteristics such as being able to use high heat up to 180 degrees. Hence one can curl or tong them and then straighten them again. One can therefore use heated rollers, curling/straightening irons and hair dryers on these products. These have passed tests by our team of experts in the UK. Needless to say all our Fibre is Monocrylic Flame Retardant and Non Flammable.

Wig-O-Mania’s Human Hair Wigs and Extensions are made from the finest Superior quality of Human Hair which is either of Indian / Far Eastern or European origin. Its factories are able to source it from all 3 areas depending on the requirements of our clients.

Wig-O-Mania’s Pre-bonded Nail (U) Tip 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions is made of the finest Keratin and glue that is very durable and long lasting when applied by a professional hair stylist with a hi-heat applicator.

They are supplied in a wide range of colours and length including mixed colours based on client requirement without getting it overly processed.

Wig-O-Mania’s Clip-On Extensions in most colours and sizes are also used widely directly by the end user. The quality of the Hair and the clips along with the convenience and easy apply method makes it an easy for daily use.

Wig-O-Mania’s Wefts are made in Non Remy 100% Human Hair Wefts which are sewed in the hair line or glued with a special Glue-Gun (that can be supplied by us)

Wig-O-Mania’s Hi-Heat Fibre Clip In Extensions (synthetic) come with all the characteristics stated above. They can be made into various types of extensions…Prebonded / Clip on / Wefts or Skin Wefts.

Wig-O-Mania’s Skin Weft Extensions – They are Wig-O-Mania’s latest addition to its extensive range of Extensions in Remy 100% Human Hair. Skin Weft Extensions are the most undetectable and comfortable form of hair extension to date. These extensions are semi-permanent and very easy and fast to apply and hence gaining popularity. They lie flat to the head and feel just like your own natural hair giving the illusion of growing from the scalp.

Attaching Wig-O-Mania’s Skin Wefts Extensions is quick, safe and a comfortable process that does not use Heat, Chemicals or danger your natural hair during application or removal. If professionally applied it could take approximately 30 minutes to apply to a full head. Skin Wefts unlike other semi-permanent extensions are re-usable if proper care is taken to maintain it thereby giving more value for this exclusive product.

Wig-O-Mania Technical Experts are endlessly striving to pursue better quality and wider range of products and styles for our Exclusive Clients – coupled with competitive prices that help make our Associates and business partners successful in their alliance with us.


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