Hairstyle Trends for Spring & Summer 2017

So what’s gonna be hot for hair when the weather turns warmer? The new hairstyle trends for spring and summer, 2009, characterize a variety of styles that will flatter hair of any length, whether it’s short, long or in-between.

There’s something for everyone! Looking for change? Get a haircut that allows you to wear a practical style for daytime and a more flirty look for the evening hours.

Long Hairstyles

Wavy, textured hair brings a tousled, feminine look. If your hair is long and thick, this is easy to achieve because textured and shaped hair allows you more control with your hair style. Simply wash your hair, add some mousse and blow dry your hair on low. Use a curling iron and finger-comb the layers. For piecey chunks, apply styling wax on the ends to separate.

For a simple, sleek and smooth look, straight hair can look great on almost anyone, reflecting light and enhancing shine. If you have natural waves, you don’t need to blow-dry. Simply use a flat iron to straighten it out section by section after you let it air dry. Set the style with hair spray and stay away from rain or heavy humidity.

Short Hair

Want less fuss with a short hairstyle? Ask your stylist for heavy layers to add dimension, fullness, and bounce. Boyish, yet feminine, this is the easiest cut to wash and style. If you prefer more than a basic bob, look for an asymmetrical cut to update your look and keep you on the edge.

Ringlets that are too tight look old-fashioned and Victorian. Keep your short curls loose and natural. Finger comb and tousle your tresses when slightly wet for a true romantic look. Face-framing layers will help make a basic hairstyle more versatile and add much needed movement.

Whatever your hair length, this year’s parts are leaning towards the center. What looks best on you may depend on the shape of your head, if you have bangs, and if they will also part to reveal a portion of your forehead. If you prefer a side part, forgo the center and wear it where you wish. Not every trend looks good on everyone.


The current trend for bangs is soft and side-swept, exposing only part of your forehead. To look anything but ordinary, opt for angled bangs to accentuate your unique style. Whilst bangs require more frequent maintenance, they’re great for covering up a long forehead, flaws, or lines.

Ponytails are back in a big way. With their practicality, getting ready for a casual or formal event is a snap. Soft waves add sensuality to a basic ponytail. For any texture of hair, set high or low, what’s classic is now trendy. Try combing your hair back with your fingers for a slightly imperfect, messed-up hairdo.

Color & Highlights Trends

Sexy, feminine highlights are always in style. Chunky highlights give way to subtle. Spring brings popular multi-tone highlights and lowlights for several shades of color that adds dimension and reflects the light. A great haircut combined with delicate highlights ensure that you will look classy at special events and in pictures. Trendy and stylish, this summer promises to bring some of the most exciting hairstyles we’ve seen in years. What better time is there to update your tresses?


Colouring is a very difficult  and specialised job and a test strand should always be done before a full colouring is attempted to avoid any major colour disasters.

When hair is bleached it removes the hairs natural pigment.  This is done in varying degrees depending on the type of hair initially.  Also the product used will affect the degree of colour pigment removed. The strength of peroxide, plus the type of product used will also determine how blonde it will lift.

Very dark strong hair will first go orange and will require re-bleaching.  The next degree will be golden blonde.  Then  the next bleaching  will lift it to pale blonde.  The more times you bleach your hair the more damage is caused to the hair structure.

Because bleached hair becomes much more porous, if you go into a swimming pool your hair can absorb the chlorine and turn it green.

Some scientific research also states that the presence of copper sulphate in water can turn blonde hair green.  This will also affect black, all shades of brown and red heads but because the blonde has no natural pigment left in it,  it shows.

Also if you have bleached hair and decide to darken it, if all the natural hair pigment has been removed to a pale blonde shade, the hair can become a green shade especially if an ash tone is used, because all the natural red tones have been removed.  Your colour choice should contain some red tones to reduce the possibility of your hair turning green. Powder bleach is the strongest cosmetic bleach but can spoil the natural lustre of the hair.   If this is used with 40% peroxide it will give the highest lift but should not be applied to the scalp as it could burn it. This should only be used with a streaking cap to protect the scalp for highlights. It can also be detrimental to the hair.

Some hairdressers will even use 60% peroxide for speed to achieve the lift quicker, but this can cause the hair to burn or become very brittle and straw like and can be dangerous not only for the hair and scalp but it can also cause blindness from the vapours.

Hair that is used for extensions can be Indian or East European Hair.  East European hair is very strong and it takes a lot of bleaching to lift the colour.  In many of the factories it is industrial chemicals that are used to lift the colour and then they dye it  to the required shade.  Therefore  always remember that this hair has gone through many chemical processes before you receive it and this should always be taken into consideration before applying colour.

Remember to always do a strand test beforehand to check the result will be what you want.


How to Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Hair With Color

Hair color can add beauty, character and personality to your hairstyle. It also can damage your hair and make it unhealthy. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy hair with color.

By Crystal Giles | Email the author | April 29, 2011

To wear hair color, you must educate yourself on the various professional hair care products designed for color-treated hair and develop a system for using them.

The basis of maintaining hair color and healthy hair is determined by the types of shampoos and conditioners used on your hair and the frequent use of these products.

A good professional moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should be used on a weekly basis. To determine what products to use on a weekly basis, you should consult a professional hairstylist. You should ask your stylist which products can extend the lifespan of your hair color, help with fading hair color,  make your hair color look natural and not brassy, and keep your hair healthy.

The type of hair color you apply to your hair will determine your weekly routine.  Semi-permanent and cellophane color do not usually cause damage to the hair or alter density of hair. Therefore, you can maintain healthy hair by following your basic weekly routine.

You can reapply semi-permanent and cellophane every 6 to 8 weeks. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent are very similar in many ways because they both do not lift the natural hair color nor penetrate the hair shaft. They are both deposit-only hair colors, and you can follow the same weekly routine to maintain healthy hair.

Demi-permanent requires a once a month reconstructor treatment with keratin and protein to create long lasting healthy hair. It can also be reapplied every 6 to 8 weeks.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have permanent hair color which requires more attention. Permanent hair color can lighten hair while penetrating the hair shaft. As a result of this process, permanent hair color requires a weekly deep conditioner or a weekly professional conditioner with keratin and protein to help strengthen hair integrity. When determining how often permanent hair color should be reapplied, you should consult with a professional hairstylist.

Wig-O-Mania support Re: PONYTAIL

Question via Email to Support Team:

I purchased 2 pony tails off t.v. from yourselfs but my colour is slighty browner could you please advise me what colour hair dye i would use to nearest match my new ponytails which are Harvest Gold Blend in colour


Thanks for your email.
Without being able to see your hair, I am sorry but we are unable to advise you on which colour to bye.  We would advise you to take your pony tail along with you to your hairdressers so that she can colour your hair accordingly to the desired colour.

You could try the following solution though, if your own hair has some length to it, it doesn’t have to be as long as your new pony tail, you could leave the top section of your own hair out before drawing your own hair back into a pony tail.  Comb this section forward first out of the way.  Now take the rest of your own hair and put it into a pony tail.

You can now attach your new Wig-O-Mania pony tail over your own pony tail.  When you have secured it in place and tightened the drawstring, and before you secure the drawstring, take your own hair from the front and top section which you left out and comb it over the top of the pony tail and then comb it into your new pony.

Then take hold of the end of the drawstring and wrap the elastic around the whole edge of the base & over the top of your own hair that it is over the top of your new pony so that it looks as if it is part of the ponytail.

This will help to blend the colours and make it look like your own pony tail.  It doesn’t matter that it is not exactly the same colour as your own hair, because no ones hair is exactly the same colour throughout due mainly to ultra violet light exposure from sunlight.

Our pony tails  are  made with a synthetic fibre and can not be coloured and any attempt to do so would spoil it.

I hope this helps  and your pony tail will look fabulous and very natural.

Colored Hair Highlights Ideas

Work your beauty adventurer side with colored hair highlights. Bold hues are here to spare you from monotony and bad hair days. Play with the most stylish hair dyeing technique for a too-hot-to-handle look.
Bag yourself a brand new and glamorous hairstyle and vibrant hair color. The hot hair highlights trends below can furnish you with a generous set of inspiration. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the amazing visual effect bright hues create.

Moreover, you’ll also have the chance to kiss goodbye to bad hair days. The versatility of multi-tonal looks guarantee the success of your makeover. Wait no more and visit your fave beauty salon for a stylish appointment.

View the gorgeous pictures on

Paris Hilton trades blonde hair for brunette wig in Dubai

And  the Paris Hilton we all recognize ...

Party-girl Paris Hilton swapped her signature fair hair for a dark wig while filming her new series of “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” reports London’s Daily Mail.

The 28-year-old reality TV star sported the new look before and posted a picture of herself in a similar wig last month on her Twitter site with the words, “Me in disguise today. Blonds have fun! But brunettes are hot too!”

Hilton was also a brunette in her starring role in the rock horror movie musical, “Repo! The Genetic Opera.”

After describing last year’s “BFF” winner Brittany Flickinger as a “hungry tiger,” Hilton recently weeded out 14 final contestants in season two of her U.S. reality show in a variety of challenges from pole dancing to petting a tiger in Las Vegas.

Now, the hotel heiress is searching for a new best friend in Dubai after U.S. and British versions of her hit show.

The 17-day shoot will take place later this month. Hilton’s hard-partying style will be reduced to accommodate the Middle East audience, according to Ish Entertainment.

“We’re very aware we are not making the same show we would make in Los Angeles,” said Ish’s co-founder Michael Hirschorn.

“I was excited about the sheer, ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen’ factor.'”

Swear by shear style

Thursday, June 04, 2009, 1:00 [IST]
Celebrity hair stylist Najeeb Ur Rehman interacted with hair stylists in the City to launch summer trends in cuts and colours
You’ve decided for a make-over, and you head to the hottest salon in town, and you’re finally sitting on the chair where your aesthetic fate is to be decided. The stylist is ready with his pair of shears, and asks you, “so what do you want to do?,” chances are that you’re staring blankly with a dumfounded expression. All those images with luscious locks that you had in mind after reading 101 hair styles for summer seem to have vanished into thin air.

This is the moment of truth for every hair stylist. And to the rescue of the hair stylists in distress, while facing such moments, came Najeeb Ur Rehman, the celebrity hair stylist who is the magic touch behind the manes of Bollywood beauties like Neha Dupia and the official hair stylist for Miss India contestants.

At a hair-stylist orientation session, organised by Schwarzkopf Professional, the Summer Essential Look was unveiled that showcased the spring-summer ‘111 edition’, signifying 111 years of Schwarzkopf Professional. And for that ‘moment of truth’, he had five new styles for the season, straight off the haute couture runways in Paris and Milan.

“It’s important for a hair stylist to be able to read the customer and accordingly decide what’s the best for them, as hair is the most expensive accessory we have, and getting a haircut is instant make over,” said Najeeb addressing the participants. When asked what were the parameters that decided what colours and cuts, he says, “we take all aspects from skin tone, eye colour, face shape, profession and lifestyle into consideration, we have to decode the customer’s personality while giving a hair cut, we are the hair doctors”.

Speaking about the haircare for monsoons, Najeeb says, “it’s important to know your hair and scalp type just like knowing your skin type, “during the monsoons, due to the humidity there is over secretion from sebaceous glands on the scalp, so one needs to wash and condition hair at least two to three times a week.”

Najeeb also stressed on the importance of hair trimming, “It’s like cutting your nails, especially in long hair, the ends become very dry, and are very prone to split ends.”
The models showcasing the summer cuts and colour were then paraded with glamourous names like ‘Julia’ and ‘Eva Maria’, with Najeeb explaining how to acquire the look. Sure enough, the hair stylists walked out of the session now confident of handling that dreaded ‘moment of truth’.

How to Color Your Hair Without Harmful Effects

I used to color my hair once a month until one day my hair started to fall out. So I stopped until it was all white; it helped but I wanted my color back. I tried several products until I found an all-natural, not harmful hair color product. Read on to learn how to color your hair without harmful effects.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Natural hair color (no chemicals and no ammonia)


Step 1:
Buy all-natural hair color in a natural products store.

Step 2:
Follow directions and apply it.

Step 3:
Use natural shampoos and conditioners. Your hair will appreciate it and you will see the difference in the mirror.

How to Dye Your Dreadlocks.

Things You’ll Need:

  • You will need dreadlocks that are at least 6 months old and have started to seriously lock (i.e. they don’t come all the way loose when you wash them).Need at least 2 boxes of the dye of your choice


Step 1:
Get all of your ingredients out and ready. Follow the box instructions on this but if using multiple boxes of dye, get every bottle of dye ready for use.

Step 2:
Start at the top of the head and work forward, then backward, concentrating on making sure to drench the whole dreadlock in dye.

Step 3:
Follow timing and rinsing instructions on dye box.

Step 4:
DO NOT Condition your dreadlocks as the dye instructions direct. You can now twist your dreadlocks as usual because the gel used to twist dreadlocks acts as a conditioner for your hair and overconditioning will soften dreadlocks.

How to Fix Hair Color Disasters.

If your hair color is ruined, don't dispair. It can be fixed. If your hair color is ruined, don’t dispair. It can be fixed.

Whether you’ve tried to go blond and your hair turned tangerine or you opted for a beautiful brunette shade that came out green, you can fix your hair color disasters.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Deep conditioner for hair
  • Laundry detergent
  • Corrective shampoo
  • Corrective hair color or toner (as needed)
  • Hair color (as needed)

Step 1:
Use a deep conditioning treatment prior to lightening or darkening hair and after the color or hair color removers have been applied. The hair shaft requires protein to retain hair color deposits and a smooth outer cuticle to avoid discoloration and odd colored fading.

Step 2:
Remove excess color with several applications of a strong detergent-based shampoo such as Prell. Shampoo the hair, let it sit for a few minutes, minimize scalp exposure and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed for 1 to 3 days.

Step 3:
Reduce brassiness in proportion to how extreme the problem is. Subtle brassiness can be corrected with anti-brass shampoo over a period of days. Moderate to extreme brassiness requires hair color correction or products designed to remove brass.

Step 4:
Apply a hair color toner to fix mild blond brassiness when the hair color tone is otherwise adequate. Otherwise, the choice to fix hair color is to lighten the hair more with high lift color or to darken the hair to a shade where the red or gold is less prominent.

Step 5:
Compensate overly warm colors with an ash-based (cool) color. If high lift hair color or bleach is needed, consider streaking or highlights to minimize hair damage.

Step 6:
Get a haircut or trim to fix a hair color disaster that is largely limited to the ends. Hair in poor condition, including split ends, is difficult to remedy. Additional hair color treatments may cause hair to split more. Light reflects differently off of healthy hair and may improve the overall look.

Step 7:
Reverse over-lightened or bleached hair color errors by reverse highlighting or applying low lights rather than using hair color on a full head of hair. This minimizes hair damage and generally looks more natural or attractive. Bleached hair does not retain color well and solid hair color tends to fade into unnatural, uneven shades.