Hairstyle Trends for Spring & Summer 2017

So what’s gonna be hot for hair when the weather turns warmer? The new hairstyle trends for spring and summer, 2009, characterize a variety of styles that will flatter hair of any length, whether it’s short, long or in-between.

There’s something for everyone! Looking for change? Get a haircut that allows you to wear a practical style for daytime and a more flirty look for the evening hours.

Long Hairstyles

Wavy, textured hair brings a tousled, feminine look. If your hair is long and thick, this is easy to achieve because textured and shaped hair allows you more control with your hair style. Simply wash your hair, add some mousse and blow dry your hair on low. Use a curling iron and finger-comb the layers. For piecey chunks, apply styling wax on the ends to separate.

For a simple, sleek and smooth look, straight hair can look great on almost anyone, reflecting light and enhancing shine. If you have natural waves, you don’t need to blow-dry. Simply use a flat iron to straighten it out section by section after you let it air dry. Set the style with hair spray and stay away from rain or heavy humidity.

Short Hair

Want less fuss with a short hairstyle? Ask your stylist for heavy layers to add dimension, fullness, and bounce. Boyish, yet feminine, this is the easiest cut to wash and style. If you prefer more than a basic bob, look for an asymmetrical cut to update your look and keep you on the edge.

Ringlets that are too tight look old-fashioned and Victorian. Keep your short curls loose and natural. Finger comb and tousle your tresses when slightly wet for a true romantic look. Face-framing layers will help make a basic hairstyle more versatile and add much needed movement.

Whatever your hair length, this year’s parts are leaning towards the center. What looks best on you may depend on the shape of your head, if you have bangs, and if they will also part to reveal a portion of your forehead. If you prefer a side part, forgo the center and wear it where you wish. Not every trend looks good on everyone.


The current trend for bangs is soft and side-swept, exposing only part of your forehead. To look anything but ordinary, opt for angled bangs to accentuate your unique style. Whilst bangs require more frequent maintenance, they’re great for covering up a long forehead, flaws, or lines.

Ponytails are back in a big way. With their practicality, getting ready for a casual or formal event is a snap. Soft waves add sensuality to a basic ponytail. For any texture of hair, set high or low, what’s classic is now trendy. Try combing your hair back with your fingers for a slightly imperfect, messed-up hairdo.

Color & Highlights Trends

Sexy, feminine highlights are always in style. Chunky highlights give way to subtle. Spring brings popular multi-tone highlights and lowlights for several shades of color that adds dimension and reflects the light. A great haircut combined with delicate highlights ensure that you will look classy at special events and in pictures. Trendy and stylish, this summer promises to bring some of the most exciting hairstyles we’ve seen in years. What better time is there to update your tresses?

Wig-O-Mania support Re: PONYTAIL

Question via Email to Support Team:

I purchased 2 pony tails off t.v. from yourselfs but my colour is slighty browner could you please advise me what colour hair dye i would use to nearest match my new ponytails which are Harvest Gold Blend in colour


Thanks for your email.
Without being able to see your hair, I am sorry but we are unable to advise you on which colour to bye.  We would advise you to take your pony tail along with you to your hairdressers so that she can colour your hair accordingly to the desired colour.

You could try the following solution though, if your own hair has some length to it, it doesn’t have to be as long as your new pony tail, you could leave the top section of your own hair out before drawing your own hair back into a pony tail.  Comb this section forward first out of the way.  Now take the rest of your own hair and put it into a pony tail.

You can now attach your new Wig-O-Mania pony tail over your own pony tail.  When you have secured it in place and tightened the drawstring, and before you secure the drawstring, take your own hair from the front and top section which you left out and comb it over the top of the pony tail and then comb it into your new pony.

Then take hold of the end of the drawstring and wrap the elastic around the whole edge of the base & over the top of your own hair that it is over the top of your new pony so that it looks as if it is part of the ponytail.

This will help to blend the colours and make it look like your own pony tail.  It doesn’t matter that it is not exactly the same colour as your own hair, because no ones hair is exactly the same colour throughout due mainly to ultra violet light exposure from sunlight.

Our pony tails  are  made with a synthetic fibre and can not be coloured and any attempt to do so would spoil it.

I hope this helps  and your pony tail will look fabulous and very natural.

Remember the Fall 2008 hairstyles and winter 2009 hairstyles?????

The hottest looks and hair trends for fall 2008 and winter 2009.

There are so many hot styles to follow this season, whether you want to make a drastic change or a subtle or there’s something for every women and girl to follow this season.

1. Fall 2008 hairstyles and winter 2009 Hairstyles

2. Pinned and Parted

3. Over the Ear Chignon

4. 2008 Homecoming Hairstyles

5. Pixie Haircuts

6. Fall 2008 Hairstyles on the Runway

Joyce – Demonstration of Exclusive Wigs to Citruss TV Production and Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Joyce doing demo with Citruss Production & Presenters Team

Wig-O-Mania’s Products Profile:

Wig-O-Mania’s Synthetic wigs and hairpieces are made with a highly superior Japanese Kanekalon fibre that not only looks like natural European hair but also feels like natural European hair. They come in beautiful colours that never fade. This is a very versatile fibre that retains its shape after washing – as long as one follows the After-Care Instructions that come with the product. Also the fine texture of the fibre makes it a desirable choice for simulating the texture of human hair.

However the use of heated rollers, curling/straightening irons and hair dryers on these wigs is certainly not recommended as they can be permanently damaged.

Wig-O-Mania’s PONY TAILS are the superb answer to instant convenience hair.  This is the ideal answer to holiday hair.  You can be on the beach, in the swimming pool and not have to worry about your hair for the evening.  Even if it is covered in sun cream, you can do a quick shampoo whilst in the shower. Give it a quick dry and then tie it back in a ponytail and put on your hairpiece for instant glam.

The same can be said if you are at work and want to go out in the evening and haven’t got time to visit the hairdressers.  Work all day come home and pop on your Pony Tail quicker than having to do your own hair.

Some of our Wigs and Hair Pieces are in High-Heat Fibre that has better features that make the fibre feel “just like human hair” with certain in built characteristics such as being able to use high heat up to 180 degrees. Hence one can curl or tong them and then straighten them again. One can therefore use heated rollers, curling/straightening irons and hair dryers on these products. These have passed tests by our team of experts in the UK. Needless to say all our Fibre is Monocrylic Flame Retardant and Non Flammable.

Wig-O-Mania’s Human Hair Wigs and Extensions are made from the finest Superior quality of Human Hair which is either of Indian / Far Eastern or European origin. Its factories are able to source it from all 3 areas depending on the requirements of our clients.

Wig-O-Mania’s Pre-bonded Nail (U) Tip 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions is made of the finest Keratin and glue that is very durable and long lasting when applied by a professional hair stylist with a hi-heat applicator.

They are supplied in a wide range of colours and length including mixed colours based on client requirement without getting it overly processed.

Wig-O-Mania’s Clip-On Extensions in most colours and sizes are also used widely directly by the end user. The quality of the Hair and the clips along with the convenience and easy apply method makes it an easy for daily use.

Wig-O-Mania’s Wefts are made in Non Remy 100% Human Hair Wefts which are sewed in the hair line or glued with a special Glue-Gun (that can be supplied by us)

Wig-O-Mania’s Hi-Heat Fibre Clip In Extensions (synthetic) come with all the characteristics stated above. They can be made into various types of extensions…Prebonded / Clip on / Wefts or Skin Wefts.

Wig-O-Mania’s Skin Weft Extensions – They are Wig-O-Mania’s latest addition to its extensive range of Extensions in Remy 100% Human Hair. Skin Weft Extensions are the most undetectable and comfortable form of hair extension to date. These extensions are semi-permanent and very easy and fast to apply and hence gaining popularity. They lie flat to the head and feel just like your own natural hair giving the illusion of growing from the scalp.

Attaching Wig-O-Mania’s Skin Wefts Extensions is quick, safe and a comfortable process that does not use Heat, Chemicals or danger your natural hair during application or removal. If professionally applied it could take approximately 30 minutes to apply to a full head. Skin Wefts unlike other semi-permanent extensions are re-usable if proper care is taken to maintain it thereby giving more value for this exclusive product.

Wig-O-Mania Technical Experts are endlessly striving to pursue better quality and wider range of products and styles for our Exclusive Clients – coupled with competitive prices that help make our Associates and business partners successful in their alliance with us.

Remember the “2008 Spring and 2008 Summer Hairstyles”?????

2008 spring hairstyles and 2008 summer hairstyles that rocked the runway this season. Looking for the hottest in 2008 spring hairstyles and 2008 summer hairstyles that will be popular this year? This spring 2008 and summer 2008 get the healthiest hottest hairstyles that will complement any face shape. There are many different spring hairstyles and summer hairstyles the following are just a few to keep you looking your best this spring 2008 and summer 2008.

2008 Summer Hairstyles and 2008 Spring Hairstyles

1. The Angled Bob – a great 2008 spring and summer hairstyle.

2. Blunt Bangs– one of the hottest 2008 spring and 2008 summer hairstyles.

3. Long Layered Hairstyles– A great way to get short hair this 2008 summer and 2008 spring without losing much length.

4. 2008 Spring HairstylesA list of all the popular 2008 spring hairstyles as well as 2008 summer hairstyles.

5. 2008 Summer Hairstyles– Pictures and styles of 2008 summer hairstyles.

6. Side Swept Bangs– The best side swept bangs for your face shape.

7. Summer Hairstyles– Basic Summer Haircare and hair guide

Kim Kardashian’s sexy ponytail hairstyle

Kim Kardashian is wearing her hair in a sexy simple ponytail hairstyle while attending her sister Khloe Kardashian’s new PETA Billboard “Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked,” on Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California.

Ponytail hairstyles are one of the easiest hairstyles out there! Whether looking for a sexy hairstyle, elegant hairstyle, easy to do hairstyle, or just something to run around with the girls you can find a ponytail hairstyle that fits for you. You can fashion ponytail hairstyles many different ways loose, tight, high, and low. Also you can use many different textures and lengths of hair for a ponytail hairstyle (although above shoulder length gets tricky!) you can even fashion a ponytail hairstyle with bangs. No matter what you are doing you can easily use a ponytail hairstyle to give a fashionable chic hairstyle of any occasion. Ponytail hairstyles also work with any face shape which helps a ton! Kim Kardashian has gorgeous long brunette hair and a round face which work well with a ponytail hairstyle!

Similar colors to achieve – dark brown, almost black, dark ash brown, medium ash brown and walnut. Check out for various styles and colours.