Our Exclusive Management Team

Wig-O-Mania management team & Professional advisers comprise of the following:

Behind The Brand

Tasneem : Promoter and Founder

She is the person with the vision to evaluate this market and its prospects considering the need of not only exclusivity but also a personal touch with it. She has studied the market long enough to realize the prospects and potential of the demand of the products that she wants to promote. She has therefore developed relationships with manufacturers who would produce exclusively for her. In turn she has her eye on the European Market that is her target for the moment.

Tasneem has studied the competition and considers it to be good for business innovation and expansion. She has presently gathered a database of more than 1500 prospective clients who are already purchasing similar products in the European Market. This would give the company a head start from Day One of starting its operations. The seed capital to build the infrastructure and also place the initial orders with its factories have been provided solely by her.

Joyce – Creative Technical Consultant

As a trained and professional hairdresser Joyce brings with her an enviably rich experience in all aspects of hairdressing, sales promotions and market research of the Wig industry that spans over 44 years. She has worked with and alongside some of the longest standing companies in the business.

Knowing what the general public want and desire is imperative. This information of the markets needs then sets trends, which in turn improves business.

With her delightful personality, bountiful knowledge and friendly disposition, people are naturally drawn to her. Joyce is able to build a rapport and understanding of the problems people can have regarding their hair. This makes our clients feel at ease, both men and women and therefore makes it much easier for them to discuss their requirements with her.

Because of the contacts she has made over the years throughout the industry, from many different countries, she is able to source whatever is required and knows exactly the demands of the evolving market.

Joyce has run other peoples businesses and her own too very successfully for many years. She is able to converse easily at all levels regarding all aspects of the business.

We are therefore privileged to have her work for us as our exclusive “Creative Technical Consultant”

H. Mohamedali: CEO

He is the driving force behind the branding and expansion of the markets and products in all areas. Hasnain brings with him 25 years of Business, Banking & Finance Experience having extensively travelled and worked in Dubai, Hong Kong and United Kingdom over the past 2 decades. He shares the vision of Tasneem and wants to add a new dimension to the End User experience along with a competitive price for their products. He has the unique ability to bring people together to work towards a common vision and goal.

Nadia : Technical Advisor & Trainer – Middle East

Nadia is part of the Wig-O-Mania team of technical experts and advisors along with being a trainer for the entire Middle East Region. She works very closely with the CEO and Ms Joyce Chapman to promote Wig-O-Mania Brand and products in the Middle East region.

Nadia is a professional Makeup Artist, Trainer and a Hair Stylist with over 12 years of experience in Dubai. Her extensive experience includes work with Paris Gallery. She is very fluent in both Arabic and Farsi which is also a big asset to the company and her clients. She runs her High End Salon.

Meneka : Celebrity Hair Stylist has over 20 years of experience in the Beauty and Fashion Industry being trained by Schwarzkopf, UK. She is one of the most experienced and sought after Hair Stylists in South and boasts of servicing many celebrity  client’s. She is involved in various TV talk shows educating the Hair Fraternity and the general public about Fashion and Hair. She has her own academy and conducts various Government recognized training programs

Sabira : 

Sabira comes from the creative fashion and sales background. She has taken up the challenge of heading the Wig-O-Mania Brand in Pakistan with a base in Karachi. Inspite of difficult situations prevailing in the region, she has been very successful in not only expanding the markets and clientele base but also creating a Brand awareness in the region.