Insider – A conversation with Vasundhra of Visible Difference

CEO of Wig-O-Mania is interested to know from the famous and well known personality in the Beauty Industry Ms Vasundhra about the impact of its Flagship Store in Chennai.

Vasundhra not only graced the Store with her presence but she and her husband also treated him and Shan for lunch thereafter.

This says it all of the relationship between us.

How to Apply Luscious Locks Skin Weft Extensions

Demo for application / removal and re-apply of Luscious Locks Skin Weft Extensions from Wig-O-Mania

Common questions answered:

Can I colour Luscious Locks Skin Wefts Extensions of Wig-O-Mania or get a perm?

In principle both options are possible, but require special knowledge. We use Remy hair which is first bleached and then dyed to achieve the desired colour. While bleaching or lighter colouring is not possible, darker colour washes or dying is. During a perm, in particular, it is crucial that the treatment is performed only by a specialist who understands that the extensions have already been bleached and heavily processed.

Are the splices noticeable?

The adhesive tapes for splicing are not noticeable. In some cases, directly after applying the extensions, some might feel a bit of a “pinch” for one or two days, since the hair extensions are fastened directly to the hair roots. Otherwise, the connections are so flat, flexible and soft that they meld to the head directly, and even when stroking the hair with hands, the splices cannot be felt.

How often can Luscious Locks Skin Wefts Extensions of Wig-O-Mania be reused?

The extensions can be reused approx. two or three times depending upon the level of care. The more care, the longer the hair extension remains healthy, shiny and fit for use. The splice can be cleaned and renewed without limit again and again.